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What is a slendershot?
slendershot is a weight loss supplement made from natural ingredients. slendershot has been designed to be taken once a day over 28 days alongside a healthy diet and training.

What ingredients are in slendershot?
The main ingredients include; Acai berry, Garcinia cambogia, Ginger root, Prickly pear, Siberian ginseng, Green tea leaf.

Why does slendershot come in a 28 day pack?
slendershot can be taken for 28 days, this allows you to take one shot over a month period.

What time of day is best to take slendershot?
There’s no specific time to take slendershot, but we suggest you take it 30-60 minutes before eating.

What flavours are there?
Summer fruits is the current flavour, however we may be introducing more in the future.

Is slendershot OK to take whilst pregnant?
Even though slendershot has natural ingredients, we don’t recommend taking it whilst pregnant.

Is slendershot OK to use whilst on contraception?
slendershot doesn’t contain laxative, however we suggest you ask your doctor beforehand.

Are there any side effects to taking slendershot?
Everyone is different, however you shouldn’t experience any side effects, if you do speak to your doctor.

Do I need to eat before, or can I take slendershot on an empty stomach?
We suggest that you take slendershot 30-60 minutes before eating

When will I start to see results?
You'll start to feel fitter and healthier pretty much after a couple of days, you'll start to see a change in weight once you have continuously used slendershot for your chosen period.

What does the 'mood enhancer' do?
Our added 'mood enhancer' ingredient is designed to make you feel happier in general, but can also help with tiredness, headaches and anxiety. 

What’s the refund policy?
We can offer a full refund if the slendershot box and content is returned in an unopened state. If any shots have been opened in anyway, then we are unable to offer a refund.

Do you have any discount codes?
Discount codes are distributed from time-to-time, a quick internet search may show some, or we will email out codes to our registered customers and people on the mailing list.

Placing Orders

Can I buy direct from the shops or is it just online?

Currently slendershot is only available online, however you may find us in retail outlets in the near future.

Do you accept PayPal?
Yes, you can use PayPal.

How do I work out the pricing to my currency?
You can work out the price in your local currency by using this currency converter. http://www.convertmymoney.com/

Partners & Distributions

How do I become a slendershot distributor?

If you would like to sell slendershot in your area, then please email us with what you would like to do.


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