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HAND SANITIZER 25 x 20ml tubes
HAND SANITIZER 25 x 20ml tubes HAND SANITIZER 25 x 20ml tubes HAND SANITIZER 25 x 20ml tubes HAND SANITIZER 25 x 20ml tubes HAND SANITIZER 25 x 20ml tubes

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Why use slendershot

Take one a day

Take one a day

slendershot has been created to be taken over 28 days, you can carry for as long as needed until you've hit your goals.
Super natural ingredients

Super natural ingredients

Full of amino acids and antioxidants to aid weight loss and put a spring in your step.
Hit those weight goals

Hit those weight goals

With an added mood enhancer you'll feel great throughout the day helping you to reach your goals.


Acai berry

Acai berry

Weight loss, energy production, endurance, strength & anti-aging
Acai berry

Garcinia cambogia

Weight loss & increased metabolism
Acai berry

Ginger root

Weight loss & increased energy
Acai berry

Prickly pear

Weight loss & lower cholesterol; contains calcium, potassium & magnesium
Acai berry

Siberian ginseng

Weight loss & reduced stress
Acai berry

Green tea leaf

Weight loss, fat burn & boosted immune system

What people are saying...

Justine Kinney. Former Ireland Athlete
"I've started using slendershot alongside my regular workout regimen, it's been a massive help and have definitely seen an improvement in my overall health and well being."

– Justine Kinney. Former Ireland Athlete

Rachel Stringer. TV Presenter
"I now take slendershot each morning after my run with my breakfast, it has given me that extra boost in the morning before a long day. I recommend slendershot to anyone who wants to maintain their health :)"

– Rachel Stringer. TV Presenter

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